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Joni’s Journal.8

Captain Cotten reporting for duty…….here’s what we did following our tie-breaker loss……went over the game in detail including my ever-present magnet board.  I didn’t know if the girls wanted to do this right now—but they have grown to demand it … Continue reading

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  1. Phyllis Errico says:

    Thank you so much for representing your country with pride and grace and for taking us along with you , I enjoyed every report and picture! Welcome home!

  2. Bill says:

    We are all very proud of our ‘girls”. Congratulations !! You represent us and the USA very well.
    Check-Out Tribune Local Sports April 19, 2012 article about our “Ladies”. Looking forward to hearing all about your experieces when you return. Thanks for making us proud.

  3. Anneliese says:

    Congrats to all of you ! We are proud of you. Glad you had a good time. It was really fun reading about all your adventures. Thanks for posting, Joni ! Safe travels.

  4. Will Hsiung says:

    Would be great if you all returned together, win Nationals again then potentially face former Scotties winner Cathy King at the Worlds next year!

  5. Marilyn and Bob says:

    If you all got along “O.K.” This could be the launching of broad, bigger and better things, but, as you all know in competitive competition there is nothing like a Guarantee. Only the fun of loving the process. I think you guys really loved the process this year. I hope you dicide to repeat next year. If your Chemistry is right , you will do noting but better.

    Again, thank you for the great ride and sharing it with us – all year long especially from Stephanie, Julie and Joni , whom we see several times a week. Please enjoy the success you had. We look forward to seeing you at the Annual meeting next week. In the meantine – great job. Continue to have fun – “the process”

Joni’s Journal.7

Hi all,  put away your tissues….we’re doing okay and venting about the post mortem, which is a good thing.  You need to voice about the things because we are all disappointed….that just shows you had the passion to win and … Continue reading

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  1. Carol Best says:

    You did us proud! Now have some fun & enjoy your journey! Xo

  2. Ken Brown says:

    Great Job. I know you might be disappointed, but you shouldn’t be….. You will be back again.

  3. Susan McD says:

    You four are so young there will be many repeats!! You made us all proud thanks for the great curling. Now go have some FUN!!! See you soon.
    hugs, from John and Susan.

  4. Randy & Julie says:

    No reason to be disappointed. You made it farther than most teams. You all did great. What an experience it must have been. Looking forward to hearing all the stories when you return. It was alot of fun getting the news from Joni through the blog. We’re sure you’ll be back at the championships again. We’re proud of you, a great American Team. Enjot the rest of your stay and have a safe trip home.

  5. Christine Berzins says:

    Looks like you guys put up a good fight. I’m proud of you all, and I enjoyed the updates!

  6. Barry says:

    Great job ladies, I know losing sucks (been there done that) You represented well. Now you can go and enjoy the rest of your trip, have a great meal, a good bottle of wine shared with great friends that will make many fine memories.

  7. Douglass says:

    A great run indeed, an experience of a lifetime-we are all so very proud of you!!! I’m thinkin’ this might just be the beginning of many trips to the World’s for this foursome. Enjoy the rest of your time there and travel safely home. xoxoxoxoxo

  8. Betty Duffy says:

    Thank you for representing the USA in a great way. It was fun to have lived the experience with you. Thanks again Joni for the updates. We are very proud of you all!

  9. Will Hsiung says:

    It was a great run and you all represented our clubs and country very well. I’m sure it’s a great experience that few of us will ever encounter in our lifetimes. Have a safe trip back.

Joni’s Journal.6

Bozo Buckets is On The Air……we are still playing and are involved in a tie-breaker game vs. Scotland (who we are more than happy to have another shot at).  I learned earlier today that Scotland ladies put up a stink … Continue reading

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  1. Michelle-Julie Denten's daughter says:

    Kepp up the great work! The entire Enterprise team at the Tucson International Airport is rooting for you!!! Everyone is anxiously awaiting the result of this game. Good luck Mom! I love you and I will be waking up super early to check the score!!!! I miss you!!!!

  2. Kelly Stephens says:

    Good vibes coming to you from Arizona. You can do it! kelly stephens

  3. knupkat says:

    Great job on the blog Joni I am enjoying keeping up with you ladies. Awesome curling even tho I know nothing about the game. Keep up the good work and put those Scottish ladies down.

  4. Nancy Morales says:

    You can do it ladies. Go Stephanie!!!!!!!!!! The Scotts are going down.

  5. Phyllis says:

    Vote the Scots off the Island!!!!
    don’t tell my mother i said that,
    those are her people!

  6. scott says:

    Ladies you have the right stuff to beat those Scots. Great curling!


  7. Pam Wilson says:

    Great job Ladies! Thanks for keeping us all informed Joni, you’re doing a great job!

  8. SwissMiss says:

    Hey Joni,

    good luck in the tie-breaker. And say hi to Keith Wendorf for me (it’s been a while, I wonder if he’ll remember me. Keyword: Fussen)

  9. Randy & Julie says:

    Great Job! Glad to hear you’re all pumped up and ready to go. You do know that whenever you’re curling; you want chi with that. Are those guys in the long black coats from MIB? Be careful if they pull a long silver pen out of there pockets that flashes a bright white light. (Ha Ha, just kidding). Hilarious story about the Russian Flying Rocks. Wish we could have seen it. Also glad to hear you’re getting down time and enjoying the sites.Keep up the good work. We’re cheering you on all the way.

  10. Betty Duffy says:

    Will be rooting for you! You can do it.

  11. Allan says:

    You know, it turns out that I LOVE this team!

    Have a great Friday …. just CURL!

  12. Will Hsiung says:

    Love your entries Joni, does make us want to visit Denmark! Best of luck tomorrow at the tiebreaker.

  13. Marilyn and Bob says:

    God luck against the Scots. I am a descdendant of the Gregg Clan – most of us killed by the Campbell Clan and the rest of us driven out of Scotland to Ireland. So it is time for some payback. Curl your best and we love you guys. Once again, Joni, your blog is the best. I usually get up around 2:00 AM to visit the little boys room, so I will check on your progress.

  14. Alice & Steve Sedgwick says:

    We are really enjoying your blog of your “adventures” in Copenhaaaagen! It is a great city so enjoy all the bikes, flowers, people and…curling. You are doing great, just keep it going and do Wisconsin and Illinois proud. Alice & Steve

  15. Douglass says:

    Most excellent performances to date, one big hurdle tomorrow (today)-we are rooting for you-take down those Scots-one end at a time!!

Joni’s Journal.5

Happy Thursday everyone, I hear the 8 a.m. church bells outside my hotel window as I’m writing this.  Game report from yesterday vs. Scotland—-an opportunity to score a multiple count turned into a steal for the opponent (we all know … Continue reading

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  1. Lt says:

    Joni thanks for the color commentary. It is like I am there (wish I were). You guys are doing GREAT. Keep up the good work and show the Fins what you are all about – winners.

  2. SwissMiss says:

    Hi Joni,

    I love your blog! Yes, I should have warned you about the special Swiss curling rules :)

    Your SwissMiss (for whom a tie is always a win…of course!!!!)

  3. Mary Fields says:

    Way to go everyone. Good win over Finland!!!! March along and hang tough. I know you can do it. Thanks Joni for the flora fauna report. Last Spring in Estbjerg, Spring was trying to appear. All I saw were windmills! Say hi to Nils from Andy and me. He is a genial man. In the meantime, keep on the path to victory!!!!

  4. Bonnie Eiffes says:

    Thanks for all the reports, Joni! I feel as if I’m there with you! Can’t wait to hear you say “boingy boingy” in person.

Joni’s Journal.4

Good day from your roving reporter and coach……The Game Report vs. Denmark: it was a tale of 2 halves as our girls outplayed them in the first 4, then encountered some untimely misses in the second 4 when the Danes … Continue reading

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  1. Cathy Westphal says:

    Look for the little candy stands, they seemed to be all over the pedestrian malls!

  2. Barry says:

    Joni, find any monkey pod trees over there? Great reporting by the way. Keep your team focused you are still in this thing. Cheers to you all

  3. Gail says:

    Team USA is making us proud. I’m glad to hear the time honored tradition of broomstacking is alive and well in this competition. Have fun!

  4. Phyllis Errico says:

    So much more interesting than my real world of waiting for the Virginia Legislature to pass a budget! thanks for the diversion!!!!!

  5. Susan McD says:

    Awesome reporting Joni – I must admit it is the first thing I look for in the morning and as soon as I get home from work.

    Can’t wait to hear what the results actually were from the ….oops incident!

    Good curling today….we’re all rooting for yah!!

  6. Casey says:

    To Vickie and the 2nd grade class from Arkansas:
    How cool, welcome!

    Another interesting curling site to visit is the United States Women’s Curling Association ( This page has an explanation of the history of curling and a diagram of a curling sheet of ice. It might be interesting to know how long a sheet of curling ice is and how difficult it is to slide a 42-pound granite stone to the perfect spot 150 feet away on a sheet of ice.

    An interesting curling fact is that ALL curling stones come from one spot in the world, Ailsa Craig in Scotland. The USA women will be playing the team from Scotland today.

Another Pee Wee Adventure…..

Hi there, I finally got brave enough to jump into this blog. Hope I don’t delete something important! As soon as all arrive in Denmark and get settled, I’m sure to get my 1st tutoring lesson…but I am really looking … Continue reading

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8 Responses to Another Pee Wee Adventure…..

  1. Michele R says:

    Ladies! So proud of you guys! Go get ‘em! Keep us posted on all the progress, and most of all HAVE FUN OUT THERE!

  2. Pam WIlson says:

    You can do it Joni!!!! and thanks to Casey for setting this up for you. Can’t wait to follow your adventures!

  3. Kurt says:

    Good luck have fun and BRING IT!

  4. Lynda Ward says:

    Best of luck. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.


  5. Katie says:

    Have a safe trip and bring it home!

  6. Casey says:

    Hi everyone!! I am looking forward to reading about the adventures…but remember what happens on a bonspiel, stays on the bonspiel.

And finally…after all the practicing

The website for the Worlds is They will be doing live updates on the scores and can be checked un the tab “Live”.

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