Joni’s Journal.3

the scoreboard

Hi kids, we lost to Canada but won against Russia, so a split decision day.  Still is 2nd place if we take care of business the rest of the round robin—good things will happen.

Here’s some rare drama from the 4th end in the game against Russia—I’ll set the scene: there are no dividers between any of the sheets and our neighboring game is a women’s game (Canada vs. Ireland).  The Russian skip (named: Ludmilla) is playing a take out shot on our rock in the middle of the house.  She throws a heater howitzer rocket, (Stephanie would say “Fire in the Hole!”) misses the shot in the rings but clips a top rock just thin enough to send it straight sideways into the other game, taking out a stone in the top 12 foot that the Canadian skip was shooting at, and she had just thrown her rock.  While no one was injured, we continued our game and watched with amusement the arm-waving discussion of “what do we do now?”.  Is that called a “shank” in golf?

During our 4th end break an official in the ominous long black coat with both arms in his pockets says to us in a serious low voice,  ”please be more careful to stop all runaway rocks”.  It wasn’t our shot and only Superman could have leaped to grab the stone!  The expression on the Canadian skip was priceless and their vice skip just held up both hands to gesture “what the hey”.  It was a cartoon moment in our normally stoic game!

We are making new friends all along our trail…..The Italian Men’s team with their team photo displaying their Team Towel became a collectible and one we wanted to get.  (We did).  Team Slovakia has last names that hardly fit on the backs of their uniforms–reaching from armpit to armpit.  There is a clutch of mature female fans from Canada here sporting a large red painted spot in their hair.  The Austrailian men’s team (which features some Canadian ex-pats) has been entertaining.  Fun, fun, fun everyday.  Speaking of days…..we find ourselves asking each other several times a day, “what day is this again?”….only to answer, “it’s curling day”.

Steph and I have a waterfront room and it’s cool to watch the super freighter ships as they come and go.  There is also a wind turbine farm—–in the water you can see from our window.  Speaking of windows, this hotel runs on the hotter side—every room except the bar in the lobby.  We have had our windows open since we arrived.  Even the curling club is overly warm and it’s hard to escape.  Don’t they know they’re hosting an event with 14 teams of women in the “second phase” of their lives and already manufacture enough heat to power the ice plant!

I learned that Greenland is a territory of Denmark, so I found it curious that Greenland Airlines (which flies out of the nearby airport in Copenhagen) is painted solid red.  Is it me?   We have enjoyed making new discoveries and places to grab a bite.  There are lots of pizza places and we enjoyed translating the menu, hoping we get something close to what we think we ordered.

The layout of the club is a bit different than most——they have 5 sheets in one section with upstairs viewing and seating.  This area has a very high metal ceiling and is quite dimly lit, except for the “away end” of sheets B & D, where they have 4 super spotlights shining down, as if to divinely say “halleluah”.  Then there are 2 additional sheets you access thru a passage door with no upstairs viewing or windows, but you can sit on a few benches along the sideline if desired.  This area is a very low ceiling with super bright lights every 10 ft. in the ceiling.  Bring your sunglasses.

We have found another area upstairs for team stretching that we have marked as “ours”…..women can be very territorial.  Today our game is at 4pm so we’re once again trooping on the metro train and venturing into Kobenhaaaaaaaven (my attempt to give you some local pronounciation) to see a castle and enjoy lunch.  It’s bright and sunny and we’re showered and perky.  I love this team…..spring in their step, smiles on their faces always……AND they let me talk (and talk) until they politely get up and leave.  All good.

They have created a monster in allowing me to write this blog.  I’m hoping not to get cut off by our awesome webmaster, Casey, back in Chicago!  (Have no fear…I am enjoying reading this blog as much as everyone!)  Thanks for reading and we so enjoy your comments—-we look at them frequently and it makes all us feel like you’re all with us.

Happy Tuesday……is it tax day?   Coach Cotten

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10 Responses to Joni’s Journal.3

  1. Phyllis says:

    Love the results ladies and love the commentary!! You’all have good stories for a lifetime already. What an adventure!!!!!

  2. Shelley says:

    You go! Keep up the fab performances!

  3. Pam Wilson says:

    Keep up the good work Joni & Team! We love reading your stories……..

  4. Marcy says:

    Thanks to Anneliese for getting me tuned into the blog. Joni, I love your sense of humor. It’s great to be able to get an idea of what you guys are doing and seeing. I am sure you are having an awesome experience. May you get the rolls you want on the ice.

  5. Donna and Joel says:

    Congratulations-so far! Strong work! Yesterday we had rain, snow, sun and super winds all at the same time! Crazy. Am envious of your travels-have some fun too!

  6. Anneliese says:

    LOVE the blog! So glad you are having fun and curling well. We are cheering for you from Chicago.

  7. Marilyn and Bob says:

    Happy for guys. Keep up the good curling and having fun. Joni, your blog is great. We love the stories. You really catch the flavor of things.

  8. Rachel Trahern says:

    Stephie —- it is hard to digest what you are doing — makes me shiver!!!( by thinking , not the ice) but am SO delighted to see your results – YOU GO GIRLS. Do you play the U.K — cannot see anything to that effect on the ‘stuff’ i read.

    Hope you get time to go to The Tivoli Gardens, touristy but one should see.


    big hug – Rachel

  9. Bill (Joni's brother) says:

    Sounds great! Keep giving them the USA firepower! It is tax day, gotta go…

  10. Aija Edwards says:

    Love reading about your impressions! Good luck and have a great time (it sounds like that will be no problem)!