Joni’s Journal.2


From the WSCC website. Richie Laurie Photographer

Hi fans out there in radio land…’s Monday and the Boston Marathon is on.  We’re here in beautiful Dane-mark with all the beautiful people on a beautiful sunny day.  We just finished our game with Canada and we were served some humble pie.  Not to panic—we have much to take from this loss and we went over the game thoroughly so to get ourselves mentally prepared with confidence and determination for our 2nd game tonight vs. Russia. 

Here’s the good news: Pam drew the pin hole on the Last Stone Draw to get hammer in the 1st end.  It also scores us a “0″ on the cummulative running total thru the round robin, should tie-breakers come into play.  More good news: we’re still playing and we’re still in contention…….so back off from the post mortem comments like you’ve been a funeral.  We know what to do….it’s that we didn’t do what we know, and they simply out executed us pure and simple.  They weren’t a magical team and we plan to meet them again at the end of the week.

The scoreboards here are a baseball type, but without the zeros….also no total as you go, so everyone is counting in loud whispers to figure out the score at any given time….so that’s a bit different, but our math is improving!  Here’s something funny—-they have several glass cases upstairs that show off their banners, medals, championship pins, etc. and they have a Scottish tam covered in pins from the Chicago curling club from the Men’s International Bonspiel.  They also have a pin from Appleton, Wisc. on display.

Stephanie has her “stick” with her that we use to roll our legs and arms.  It looks like a rolling pin with many separate rollers on it—-and it works great.  I might use the stick to get their attention but I might be arrested.  Pam has been locked out of her room since we arrived and we’re hoping they fixed the keycard device today.  Julie has been rooming with her husband, Michael…..what a trooper that I have officially listed as “Team Interpreter” so he can sit with me on the Coaches Bench.  I think following around 5 strong willed women for all these days qualifies him as an interpreter!  Can I trade in my husband?  I’m rooming with Steph and she’s not taking up any space at all and very quiet.  We get along great and she’s figured out how to get the shower to a cooler temperature so as not to scald us!  Laurie is in a junior suite which we have been using as our team family room.

So…..we will be off to dinner and then to take on the vodka-team with the scary pictures in the website.  We will play with focus and intensity and whether we win by 1 or 10…it’s still the same end result……I like to win by 42#.

Thanks for watching my show…….to be continued if Steph will let me!

Coach Joni


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5 Responses to Joni’s Journal.2

  1. Nancy Morales says:

    Sounds like you all are having fun. Gool luck. GO TEAM USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Susan McD says:

    I can just hear Joni now ” Girls keep your peckers up!” Go get those darn Canadians in the finals EH!
    Enjoy the evening and keep up the good work!

  3. Bill S says:

    Regardless what happens we ARE PROUD of all you!

    Mike, should I have pity or be envious? Thanks for helping our Ladies.

  4. Barry says:

    Play like you can ladies. Have fun and kick some butt. Try not to get in Joni’s dog house.

  5. Phyllis says:

    Bring it on! Love that extra determination– you are fierce, each and every one!!!