Joni’s Journal.1

Hello to everyone in fanclub land…’s a bit of what’s going on here in Tarnby…..our hotel is the host to all the other teams so you might imagine it has an “international” flavor and is pretty cool.  Everyone smiles and nods and everyone is behaving (but it’s early in the week, haha!)

All curlers walk to the club from the hotel, about a strong 15 minute prance…but it feels good.  We are happy to leave our broom bag and other equipment on site, however.  The Opening Ceremonies was yesterday and all the teams were standing on the perimeter of the ice on the carpeted areas.  A short speech along with the 1st rock thrown by a woman, a World Curling Federation flag raised and that’s it.  They planned a whole 5 minutes for this part and they accomplished it. 

The event has the feel of a co-ed bonspiel, quite different than past World Championships I’ve attended—but the curling games have intensity and the experience is a good one.  I have been feeding the girls all things verbal, something I’m not bashful to do.  It’s been fun having a men’s team here, too as we naturally become each other’s commrades.  There is only 1 draw time that both US teams have together, so we are able to watch a bit of the other one’s game.

Here’s a tidbit on the Danish currency—we all tend to pay for things using the paper   currency and receive coinage as change. After a short time however, we find that we have way too much coinage of different kinds and some of us are simply pouring it all out on the counter and asking the clerk to “help us by taking what is needed”.  At one point I held up a coin and said, “will this work?”.  We already have a plan for the last day here by all of us emptying our wallet onto the bar and asking the bartender to tell us when we’ve drank it all!!  But that’s a ways away yet.

It’s been an fabulous adventure to this point…having several opportunities to experience downtown Copenhagen, using their train system, snapping pictures of the very old churches and buildings prior to the actual competition.  And the weather couldn’t be better after we anticipated cold and wet conditions…hoping I didn’t just jinx us. 

Spirits are high, a few butterflies in our stomachs at the game start–which is a good thing, and me acting as the perky cheerleader—what could be better.  We have our 2-fer game today: Canada first, then Russia.  We will go forth with determination and play to our abilities….see how it goes.  The ice is fast and plays consistently.  The stones don’t have “personality” so that’s very good, too.  I’m signing off for now…..Stephanie is wondering if anyone will actually read this! 

More to follow later…….Joni

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3 Responses to Joni’s Journal.1

  1. Pam Wilson says:

    same here!

  2. Bob and Marilyn Wilson says:

    We will read every word and love hearing about it all. Not looking good so far against Canada, but you have another chance to re-group later. Good luck to you all.

  3. Karen Blatti says:

    Joni -

    Hi! Tell Stephanie I read every word! Glad you are enjoying the experience. I’m off to work; but will check the website to see how you do today. Good luck! All the best,