Another Pee Wee Adventure…..

Hi there, I finally got brave enough to jump into this blog. Hope I don’t delete something important! As soon as all arrive in Denmark and get settled, I’m sure to get my 1st tutoring lesson…but I am really looking forward to sharing our adventures with everyone follow our trail. Every World Championship is special as each is different–new places, new curling adventures, new memories to make with my teammates. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to participate and we will go forth with determination and see what’s waiting for us down the road. I invite you to write to us–we will all look forward to using this new technology and it will seem like you’re fans in the stands cheering for Team USA!   Joni

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8 Responses to Another Pee Wee Adventure…..

  1. Michele R says:

    Ladies! So proud of you guys! Go get ‘em! Keep us posted on all the progress, and most of all HAVE FUN OUT THERE!

  2. Pam WIlson says:

    You can do it Joni!!!! and thanks to Casey for setting this up for you. Can’t wait to follow your adventures!

  3. Kurt says:

    Good luck have fun and BRING IT!

  4. Lynda Ward says:

    Best of luck. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.


  5. Katie says:

    Have a safe trip and bring it home!

  6. Casey says:

    Hi everyone!! I am looking forward to reading about the adventures…but remember what happens on a bonspiel, stays on the bonspiel.